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So I've taken down the vast majority of my posters and my door is bare (sad!). My microwave, tv stand, and fridge have all been sold. There are full boxes and milk crates in my room. Yeah, it's preparation to move. Less than 48 more hours in Iowa, if that's believeable... holy moley.

I looked up my grades and I rocked my last semester with all A's! In fact, my GPA went back to what it'd been before last semester's. So I definitely managed to stay in the cum laude range. =) I'm really, really happy about that. And tomorrow at the honors convocation I get my certification and $100 for my prize-winning essay. >^,,^< Whee! Then Sunday AM I graduate. Holy crap, man.

I am kinda sore, pretty tired, and hungry. The latter will be taken care of shortly as my mom and one of our family friends has gotten into town. Yay for Panera's! Salad/sandwich sounds soooo nummy right now. =)

Anyway, can't believe this is the end of my undergrad career. Sheesh.



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