May. 13th, 2009 12:09 pm
scifiroots: (Dear diary)
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So I've really stopped watching CSI since around season 6 BUT my mom continued watching and she saved the 9x20 episode "A Space Oddity." So fucking hilarious. Overwhelming focus on playing off Star Trek (orig) with a show called Astro Quest. I love the sci-fi convention's name: Whatifican. *g* 

lolz. Hodges and Wendy... ftw. New favorite side-pairing, I think. Hodges has hilarious fantasies based off the show. Wendy certainly has to dress in some weird getups. *g* But omg... they're cute. Hilarious. *snickers*

Ok, I'm going back to watching the show now.

Aww, and this bartender just gave Nick a free dvd of Astro Quest. (And suddenly I can totally see a lil' slash pairing... *grin*)

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