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Okay, so we're cleaning house, which includes getting rid of the vast majority of VHS tapes in the house. Already turned in store-bought tapes to Half Price Books, but we're tossing most of the home recorded ones in the trash. (Oh the environmentalist in me is cringing big time.) But here's the thing, I've got probably somewhere around 50 tapes of Man from U.N.C.L.E. with two episodes a tape. It really is the majority of the series. I've got everything on boxset now so I don't need these.

No purchase required, though I ask for re-embursement for shipping since it'll be a mega box. I'll be sure to count exactly how many tapes there are before hand.

Also, I've got a number of Gundam Wing Japanese books - two "perfect files" for Endless Waltz, additionally the film comic, and the Peacemakers (or something) manga.

And a Rinoa (of FF8) statuette.

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