Feb. 2nd, 2009

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Utterly failed last week to post for the "Zack Fair" prompt on [community profile] ffvii_100. *sad* But I will be posting for two days this month for "Are You Game?"

Title: Feels Like...
Characters: Cloud, (Zack)
Rating: All
Words: 100
ANs: Rereading ALHR in bits and pieces so I can knit and also take an occasional break from replaying Crisis Core. Anyway, angsty!Cloud on the brain...

Despite the greenery and mountains surrounding them, the air made Cloud nauseous. He couldn’t watch Zack pacing around the small space afforded in the back of the truck; that energy made him feel worse.

A bump in the road caused the canvas covering to flap. Fresh air blew in and Cloud clenched his teeth.

It wasn’t the smell of pine or the lingering hint of rain. It wasn’t even the trace of manufactured Mako drifting down the mountain.

“Doesn’t it smell like home?”

Zack didn’t understand why he dreaded this mission so much. But this had never felt like “home.”

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Need more FF7 icons to choose from! I really want another Sephiroth icon. And another Zack icon. I love Zack leik w0ah.



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