Feb. 5th, 2009

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A handful of new pictures to share. I'm desperately longing for Zack. *sigh* I think CC Aerith is also totally adorable. But I'm wondering - where's Tseng? I want a Tseng figure! And in the FF8 world, I want Quistis!

In any case, here's a preview and the link to the folder:

more photos here.
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Title: Everything Wrong
Characters: Cloud, (Zack)
Team: SOLDIER (for [community profile] ffvii_100)
Rating: All
Words: 100
AN: Angst like wh0a. (Canon character death.)

Rain. He caught its scent before he felt it. Wet earth clung to his clothes as he sluggishly rolled over and began to drag himself forward. He couldn’t see clearly, but there was more than the stench of pollution and muddied ground. Somewhere close blood had been spilled.

A battle. He’d gotten used to that smell, but this time… something was wrong. Familiar sweat; his nose had pressed against a neck or shoulder or chest for so long since the banishment of antiseptic lab.

He crawled.

Blood. Sweat. So familiar… Life slipping away, and he didn’t want to know.


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I swear I might as well declare this journal solely for FF7 stuff.

Anyway, first icon post here. A variety of things including Play Arts figures, random fun, and quotes from Twig's A Long, Hard Road.

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Twig's ALHR
Digik Gallery
Brushes/fonts/etc post



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