Feb. 23rd, 2009

scifiroots: (Sephiroth - ShinRa's bitch)
I just finished rereading all of ALHR by Twig. I'd only read through the entire thing once before, just after it'd been finished. I find it strange how listless I feel after finishing it. When something goes on for so long, and there's as many turns and twists and false starts and endings... geez, it's just a shock when it's done. And then I have to remember that I can't find something that's like this and finished in the FF7 realm. Damn I want more fic...

Whew, and lord am I tired. Seems like I'll be taking a nap though I'd planned to write my post for Monsters in Film... about Sephiroth as a monster in Advent Children. >^,,^< Yay for tying in fandom to classes! lolz



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