May. 6th, 2009

scifiroots: (Dear diary)
It's true! I sent a digital copy and handed over a hard copy of my final paper today at noon. My hands are free! In fact, I've recycled all handouts from this terms' classes. Some minor packing has begun, but mostly I'm just tired and have been lazing back, almost dozing but yet caught up in fanfic reading. =p

Speaking of which, I've fallen hard and fast for Jack Carter/Nathan Stark of Eureka. And [community profile] marshal_science  (on LJ and DW) has nicely hooked me up with a good amount of reading material. Yes, I'm linkin' em below.
recs for the win! )

Okay, now I just need [personal profile] phiremangston  to give me that rec list she promised... *glares pointedly*



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