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All header information available at targeted link.

X-Men (film 'verse):
Moon Rising (All) Wolverine/Rogue
Balancing on the Third Wheel (Teen) Wolverine/Rogue, IceMan/Pyro
Having Fallen, I Reach for the Stars (All) Wolverine/Rogue
Vive Memor Leti (All) Wolverine/Rogue companion to below
Carpe Diem & All That Jazz (All) Wolverine/Rogue companion to above
Nothing Better (all) Wolverine/Rogue
Clothing (or lack thereof) Make the Man (All) gen

That Was the Beginning (All) Shion/KOS-MOS

Sports Night:
Quo Vadimus (Teen) Dan/Casey

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert:
Finally Something to Write Home About (All) Adam/Tick
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