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Headings at targeted link give details.

Star Wars (original trilogy):
Ember (All) Han/Luke
A Princess' No-Good, Very Bad Day (Teen) Han/Luke
Something I Can Never Have (All) (non-)Han/Luke
What's Your Color? (Teen) pre-Han/Luke
Lack of Color (All) het? gen?

Stargate SG-1:
Well, it would figure... (All) gen
Movie Script Ending (All) Jack/Daniel
Used to Call It Home (Teen) gen

Forks in the Road series:
Decisions (Teen) gen
Gestalt-ing (Teen) gen

Breakdown of Numb series:
Two View of a Cadaver Room (Mature) gen
Gone Away (Teen) gen

Battlestar Galactica (original series):
All stories are Apollo/Starbuck
It's All or Nothing (Teen)
Relying on You (All)
You Owe Me Nothing in Return (Teen)
Children of the World (Teen) pre-slash: One, Two, Three, Four, Epilogue
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