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Taking a time-out to post this since there's some people on my flist interested. (And I'm down to only two more papers, hallelujah!!)

Seminar: Gender reading list
*Kramer, Laura. 2004. The sociology of gender: A brief introduction. (Pretty general book, we only read sections of it.)
*Salzinger, Leslie. 2003. Genders in production. (Maqueladoras in Juarez, Mexico; gender and its connection to out-of-country work. Interesting, but is it definitely an academic text.)
*Craig, Maxine L. 2002. Ain't I a beauty queen?: Black women, beauty, and the politics of race. (I liked this one quite a bit. Interesting text we used to study social movements. Talks a heck of a lot about reframing the idea of beauty standards and in particular looks at hair - straightening, "the natural," the afro...)
*Bumiller, Kristin. 2008. In an abusive state: How neoliberalism appropriated the feminist movement against sexual violence. (I'll post my paper in full for this... I am actually selling this back - the only soc book in 4 years that I am. I had a really, really hard time dealing with this book. In many ways it's graphic... but like, a personal level graphic. I felt like it was ripping into me. What frustrated most of our class is Bumiller's tone. And she offers no suggestions for possible solutions or what a better system would look like.)
*Pascoe, C.J. 2007. Dude, you're a fag: Masculinity and sexuality in high school. (Yes, it is as good as the title suggests. Really interesting and you get a very in-depth understanding and frame to consider the label of "fag.")

Topics: Soc of Sexuality
* Ed. Kimmel, Michael S. & Plante, Rebecca F. 2004. Sexualities: Identities, behaviors, and society. (It's a reader with tons of articles on a bunch of subjects. Certainly there are better articles than others, but I did like the book. I couldn't read all of Freud, though, because he just pisses me off.)
*Schwartz, Pepper, & Rutter, Virginia. The gender of sexuality. (A fairly general text but has some good chapters. mostly we used it for beginning the latest subject.)
Ingraham, Chrys. (2007? '08?) White Weddings. (This is FABULOUS. Though some people got upset because depending on how you read it you can get really guilty feeling about making elaborate wedding plans. Or get depressed. But the book is fascinating. Ingraham goes into the "heterosexual imaginary" and how widespread the idea of the wedding is. Good god, look what all its used to sell! Fascinating.)
*Nagel, Joane. Race, ethnicity, and sexuality: Intimate intersections, forbidden frontiers. (A good book with a lot of interesting material. We've been using this book primarly the last month and a half of school. Talks about Othering, Eroticizing, how we think of Others as exotic... goes into sex and gender as weapons in war; sex tourism; and more things on home shores.)
*Tiefer, Leonore. Sex is not a natural act & other essays. (While the book isn't quite as wonderful as its title, there are some very interesting things in here. Tiefer is a sexologist and femininist. She uses some of her presentation speeches and old columns and they're interesting to read. I don't always agree with her, she's frequently a little more radical than I care for. But still a lot of good material and interesting things to think about.)

Okay, there's the reading list! I will try to back up/bookmark the various articles we had assigned as well as videos from online. Off the top of my head I'll guide you to "Tough Guise," which is really easy to find on YouTube. I know there's a couple people who have the whole documentary up in nine parts. I still haven't seen the full thing, but it's fascinating.

Ta, all. I'll got my sexuality paper to finish and then my article about working wiht ESL students.

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