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(First off - ow, ow, ow! Huge aching, painful, painful fricking headache.)

I probably came across the "big bang" fic challenge before in some fandom, but honestly I don't remember. So when I stumbled across something today for Firefly I then thought about my current obsession (well, one of them) - Eureka. Huh. I mean, "big bang" is such a Eureka thing anyway. Would I participate? Jeez, I dunno. In some capacity I certainly would.

So now I'm trying to gauge interest. Obviously I need to post on Eureka-specific comms but my head hurts too much to really dig through rules of everything at the moment.

To sum up the big bang thing, lemme quote LJ comm's thelittlebang:
the big bang, the cosmic explosion that is hypothesized to have marked the origin of the universe

the little bang, like the big bang, only smaller

[insert fandom + "big bang" or variation thereof] a challenge;
for writers, 15,000 words or more of _ in less than 4 months;
for artists and vidders, fanart and fanvids to complement the stories

[word count ranges from 15K to 50K]

Interested in any capacity? Please leave a comment! (may have a poll later)

Respond if you... want to participate (any fic genre), want to draw, do graphics, beta, mod/admin, cheerlead, or if you'd just like to see more fic!

P.S. Original "big bang" challenge is apparently big_bang_hd.

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I just finished rereading all of ALHR by Twig. I'd only read through the entire thing once before, just after it'd been finished. I find it strange how listless I feel after finishing it. When something goes on for so long, and there's as many turns and twists and false starts and endings... geez, it's just a shock when it's done. And then I have to remember that I can't find something that's like this and finished in the FF7 realm. Damn I want more fic...

Whew, and lord am I tired. Seems like I'll be taking a nap though I'd planned to write my post for Monsters in Film... about Sephiroth as a monster in Advent Children. >^,,^< Yay for tying in fandom to classes! lolz
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(former layout had this header.)
This is my second fan soundtrack. =) It's another ficmix, this time specifically for Cloud Strife and in [personal profile] twigcollins' A Long, Hard Road (found on her website). I've been working on this for a couple months off and on. There were about four more songs I wanted to include but had a hard time tracking down on my hardrives or had been bought off of iTunes.

Anywho, enjoy!

Please comment when downloading! I'd love to know what you think.



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