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Over on the LJ comm FST the month's theme is requests. Woohoo! And bookworm_e wanted something for Zack Fair. *vbg* Seeing as I've had a playlist for myself with music that made me think of Crisis Core, I was well on my way. So I ended up doing two mixes, one for Zack "solo" and the other to cover relationship possibilities. (Interestingly I found most of the "relationship songs" worked best with Angeal. ^_~)

So I don't have to repost details, I'm linking to my LJ posts. Don't worry, they're unlocked and accessable to all. Feel free to comment here with feedback, thanks, or suggestions - whatever! =3 Eventually I'd like to work on other characters (I have a good bit of a SOLDIER mix started, actually.)

Disk 1: Don't Stop Me Now - Zack Fair
Disk 2: Not Goodbye - Zack Fair & Co

(and is anyone else still a little offput by Zack's last name? Well, actually I think Genesis' last name is hilarious... don't know why. U_U)
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Woohoo! I heart Crisis Core like w0ah. *g* Of course this means that I'm wasting hours on it instead of, y'know, homework? 9_9;;

Although I am using the trick, now, of doing the 100-sea worm mission with an equipped counterattack to aim for leveling up Zack and/or my materia. Nice~. Means I can do some multi-tasking. I'm at level 71 now, whee! And I finished the Yuffie missions (aww, she's so adorable) and have a bunch of materia I never spent time to acquire on my first run through (like, er, electrocute, various punch materia... flare, summons DMW materia). *bounces* Also seeing a couple new memories to help complete my DMW sequences. Sweet~!

Anywho, class starts soon so I have to fly. I'm still debating whether I'll go to a reading tonight - it's the food that's attractive, actually. lol. But I've got King Kong to watch and write about tonight. Need to post and comment on a clip for my sexuality class too about heteronormativity in a children's show. =3 Hee.



Feb. 17th, 2009 11:14 pm
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So I was totally supposed to have WAY more done on at least one of my papers tonight... Didn't happen so far - ended up talking for ages about gender/race/sexuality with coworkers/friends then ended up with another hour finding out about coworker's engagement and swapping strange stories about a mutual acquaintance in a sketchy relationship; then got back to the room and delighted in taking bunches of photos. Forty minutes to finish up the last of Silent Hill: Origins. Now - posting. =p Yeah. Whatevs, gotta work more after this.


It's true, it's true, Zack is HERE. Obviously Zack delighted in finding Aerith again - and no bulky boxes in the way this time!

Album with all pictures here! (Note: not all pics included in this post)


Feb. 17th, 2009 04:38 pm
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OMG!!! My friend called me up to give me a surprise! AND GUESS WHAT?! I HAVE ZACK! *squees*

Totally sitting with friends/classmates to rewatch Invasion of the Body Snatchers for class and Zack, fully assembled with the Bust Sword on his back, is leaning on my lap. LOL. I'm debating how insane I'll look tonight if I bring him with me to the Writing Center for work. =p

Haha! Anyway, SO HAPPY. I'll get pics up soon, promise. *g*
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One new icon to share:

And a lil' amusing anecdote to share. Prior our Monsters in Film class today, Em came by my room. I was busy sorting out some laundry when she sat down on my bed and looked at my computer. I didn't remember what had been up last until I hear her laugh and say: "Smut? LOLZ"  ;;^^ I was a little embarrassed. Most people I know in person don't really know what exactly I write. I mean, there's Hidama, but she's a real gem and I don't exactly have many friends like her. =P

So that was my rather small entertainment to share. Otherwise tonight I'll be going to campus' V-day celebration and afterwards it sounds like I'll be playing Silent Hill: Origins with a friend. Ta!
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Title: Not a Word
Characters: Cloud
Rating: All
Words: 100
A/N: Unrelated, but watching Poltergeist for the first time and right before Friday the 13 can really, really freak you out. ::shudder::


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Title: We Could Be Happy
By Scifiroots
Characters/pairing: Aeris/Zack, Elmira, Tseng
Rating: All     Warnings: Angsty
Word count: 434
Summary: Opportunities missed.
A/N: For [community profile] areyougame prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Aeris and one or more of her Soldiers: pregnancy - she'd felt the pressure of being the last of her kind for so long, it was sometimes surprising to remember that she could be the first as well.
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I swear I might as well declare this journal solely for FF7 stuff.

Anyway, first icon post here. A variety of things including Play Arts figures, random fun, and quotes from Twig's A Long, Hard Road.

01.  02.  03. 

Twig's ALHR
Digik Gallery
Brushes/fonts/etc post
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Title: Everything Wrong
Characters: Cloud, (Zack)
Team: SOLDIER (for [community profile] ffvii_100)
Rating: All
Words: 100
AN: Angst like wh0a. (Canon character death.)

Rain. He caught its scent before he felt it. Wet earth clung to his clothes as he sluggishly rolled over and began to drag himself forward. He couldn’t see clearly, but there was more than the stench of pollution and muddied ground. Somewhere close blood had been spilled.

A battle. He’d gotten used to that smell, but this time… something was wrong. Familiar sweat; his nose had pressed against a neck or shoulder or chest for so long since the banishment of antiseptic lab.

He crawled.

Blood. Sweat. So familiar… Life slipping away, and he didn’t want to know.


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A handful of new pictures to share. I'm desperately longing for Zack. *sigh* I think CC Aerith is also totally adorable. But I'm wondering - where's Tseng? I want a Tseng figure! And in the FF8 world, I want Quistis!

In any case, here's a preview and the link to the folder:

more photos here.
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Utterly failed last week to post for the "Zack Fair" prompt on [community profile] ffvii_100. *sad* But I will be posting for two days this month for "Are You Game?"

Title: Feels Like...
Characters: Cloud, (Zack)
Rating: All
Words: 100
ANs: Rereading ALHR in bits and pieces so I can knit and also take an occasional break from replaying Crisis Core. Anyway, angsty!Cloud on the brain...

Despite the greenery and mountains surrounding them, the air made Cloud nauseous. He couldn’t watch Zack pacing around the small space afforded in the back of the truck; that energy made him feel worse.

A bump in the road caused the canvas covering to flap. Fresh air blew in and Cloud clenched his teeth.

It wasn’t the smell of pine or the lingering hint of rain. It wasn’t even the trace of manufactured Mako drifting down the mountain.

“Doesn’t it smell like home?”

Zack didn’t understand why he dreaded this mission so much. But this had never felt like “home.”

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Title: Love Him Less
Clarity Scifiroots
Characters: Zack, Sephiroth; gen
Rating: All
for [community profile] ffvii_100 prompt "touch"
Notes: Started replaying Crisis Core last night. And I really want the new Zack Play Arts figure. Someone get it for me?

“I’ve never understood the whole Genesis craze.” Zack waved his phone in front of Sephiroth’s face. “I mean, I signed up for fanclub letters and everything. But I still don’t get it!”

Holding back an eye-roll, Sephiroth sighed and pushed aside Zack’s arm. “Why does it matter?” As much as people thought that Sephiroth and Genesis were friends, their relationship had been little more than an understood animosity. Both tolerated the other for Angeal’s sake.

“What about my fanclub? I know I’m not as cool as you or Angeal – but Genesis?”

“He is rather touched in the head,” Sephiroth muttered.

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Title: Text Summons
By Clarity Scifiroots
Rating: All
Word count: 100 (the sigs are counted)
Summary: Yuffie's at it again.
Team: SOLDIER... for the hell of it =p

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Title: Across Continents
By Clarity Scifiroots
Rating: All
Summary: Figured it was time to write something for a minor character.


I worry that you don’t write. I can’t imagine you surrounded by that awful city. Do you miss the mountains? I hope you can travel and get away. I see your hero in the paper and wonder if you’ve met him yet. Is he as cold as they say? Do you have any friends? Have you met a girl? I have so many questions.

Seeing you off was harder than I expected. I find myself wanting to speak with you more each day. Please save your mother some grief, write to me. Take care of yourself.

All my love.

Disclaimers apply.
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I am so damn angry right now... my laptop monitor is dying again >.< AGAIN! And I have no idea when I'll be able to take it in to fix it. Damnit! >.< So I wrote a drabble. Um. Yeah. Not really anything to do with my anger, but I needed to write. >.<

Title: Findings
By Clarity Scifiroots
Team: Yuffie! mwahahhaha.... okay, SOLDIER.

Yuffie glanced over her shoulder. No one around. She tip-toed to the computer. The login window flickered to life in front of her eyes. She stared at the blinking cursor for a minute, recalling the password she had gleaned from a drunken Elena.

After a dramatic pause, Yuffie typed in Reno’s information. She was looking for a file containing rare Materia locations.

There! The file was right on the desktop, all she needed was to—

“UARGH!” she screeched.

The wallpaper had loaded, featuring a doctored (at least she hoped so) image of Rufus and Cloud in a very compromising position.

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Title: Unimpressed
By Clarity Scifiroots
Rating: All
Disclaimers apply!
For this photo

Tifa Lockheart is not a girl to mess with, Reno finds out. Admittedly he can understand the whole dropping the Plate thing, but that’s not why his jaw aches even after Elena reluctantly uses Cura on him. No, she punched him for no other reason than that he’d slung a friendly arm around her shoulders.

He doesn’t know what her problem is. He didn’t actually do anything, or even had the thought for more than a passing moment. Strife had been nearby and merely blinked at them. So...?

“Girl’s gotta chill,” he mutters.

Rufus smirks. “I think she likes you.”

This is inspired by my being way too amused playing around with action figures... yes, I broke down and bought FIVE Play Arts figures, which arrived yesterday. For some reason Reno is totally hitting on Tifa. 9_9 See my first day photos here.

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Title: No So Different
By Clarity Scifiroots
Disclaimers apply!
Written for [community profile] ffvii_100 prompt 60: bad habit

A little break for me in the midst of the fairytale writing. =)

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I had to put up a post just so I could use this icon. In the midst of writing my lengthy Final Fantasy fairytale redux, I've taken a break to gather up some chocobo images and begin work on banners and such. First thing that resulted was a very simple icon, which I actually quite love. XD I'm sooo enjoying my fic. I'm trying to finish it up before school starts. There are some major gaps, but the idea is to finish the story, then go back and fatten it up, fill in the details, etc. New process for me that I'm trying to put into practice since it's about time that I won't be able to avoid writing my senior project - a mystery novella. *takes deep breaths*
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(former layout had this header.)
This is my second fan soundtrack. =) It's another ficmix, this time specifically for Cloud Strife and in [personal profile] twigcollins' A Long, Hard Road (found on her website). I've been working on this for a couple months off and on. There were about four more songs I wanted to include but had a hard time tracking down on my hardrives or had been bought off of iTunes.

Anywho, enjoy!

Please comment when downloading! I'd love to know what you think.



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