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So I've taken down the vast majority of my posters and my door is bare (sad!). My microwave, tv stand, and fridge have all been sold. There are full boxes and milk crates in my room. Yeah, it's preparation to move. Less than 48 more hours in Iowa, if that's believeable... holy moley.

I looked up my grades and I rocked my last semester with all A's! In fact, my GPA went back to what it'd been before last semester's. So I definitely managed to stay in the cum laude range. =) I'm really, really happy about that. And tomorrow at the honors convocation I get my certification and $100 for my prize-winning essay. >^,,^< Whee! Then Sunday AM I graduate. Holy crap, man.

I am kinda sore, pretty tired, and hungry. The latter will be taken care of shortly as my mom and one of our family friends has gotten into town. Yay for Panera's! Salad/sandwich sounds soooo nummy right now. =)

Anyway, can't believe this is the end of my undergrad career. Sheesh.

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Final papers... eww, hate them. My most important one isn't terribly complicated, but since I keep putting it off, I feel like I need to get the ones I don't care about out of the way. Luckily the one that's already got a reasonable start as a rough draft is the first one due. So I'm gonna get that sucker done tonight/now. It's on Resident Evil: Degeneration (cgi film) for my Monsters in Film class. The theme I'm writing on is gender presentation (indeed, my only non- sexuality/gender class and my final paper goes into the territory).

In any case, I'm still debating what I want to say about the women - Claire Redfield and Angela Miller. There's the possibility to argue that Claire is actually desexualized. That bothers me for some reason and I'm not sure whether I want to go there or not. What's so far written into the paper is about the four male characters of the film - Downing, Davis, Curtis, and Leon. While I rope Downing and Davis into a similar loop and Curtis not far beyond, the four men are actually fairly distinct in their own little circles. I'm not concerned about fleshing them out much more, though. Like I said, I really don't care about these last papers. I've got a solid A in the class and as long as I don't get below a B on the paper I'm fine. Even if I failed it (which would be impossible at this point) the end result won't effect my GPA. Um, yeah. Graduating and having a GPA that gets me cum laude is all I care about in my general classes...

It's practicum that has me a little worried. But that's a longer story and probably not so important for y'all. =p I'll get to work now. Ta!

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So this semester I'm taking three classes plus an independent project: Soc Topics - Sexuality, Soc Seminar - Gender, and Pop Lit - Monsters in film. They're all excellent classes. In particular I'm really enjoying my soc classes.

At some point I'll list the various texts we've been reading and probably provide a few links to things we've read/watched online. At the moment, though, the reading done for today was particularly impactful in my opinion.
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I just finished rereading all of ALHR by Twig. I'd only read through the entire thing once before, just after it'd been finished. I find it strange how listless I feel after finishing it. When something goes on for so long, and there's as many turns and twists and false starts and endings... geez, it's just a shock when it's done. And then I have to remember that I can't find something that's like this and finished in the FF7 realm. Damn I want more fic...

Whew, and lord am I tired. Seems like I'll be taking a nap though I'd planned to write my post for Monsters in Film... about Sephiroth as a monster in Advent Children. >^,,^< Yay for tying in fandom to classes! lolz


Feb. 17th, 2009 11:14 pm
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So I was totally supposed to have WAY more done on at least one of my papers tonight... Didn't happen so far - ended up talking for ages about gender/race/sexuality with coworkers/friends then ended up with another hour finding out about coworker's engagement and swapping strange stories about a mutual acquaintance in a sketchy relationship; then got back to the room and delighted in taking bunches of photos. Forty minutes to finish up the last of Silent Hill: Origins. Now - posting. =p Yeah. Whatevs, gotta work more after this.


It's true, it's true, Zack is HERE. Obviously Zack delighted in finding Aerith again - and no bulky boxes in the way this time!

Album with all pictures here! (Note: not all pics included in this post)
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One new icon to share:

And a lil' amusing anecdote to share. Prior our Monsters in Film class today, Em came by my room. I was busy sorting out some laundry when she sat down on my bed and looked at my computer. I didn't remember what had been up last until I hear her laugh and say: "Smut? LOLZ"  ;;^^ I was a little embarrassed. Most people I know in person don't really know what exactly I write. I mean, there's Hidama, but she's a real gem and I don't exactly have many friends like her. =P

So that was my rather small entertainment to share. Otherwise tonight I'll be going to campus' V-day celebration and afterwards it sounds like I'll be playing Silent Hill: Origins with a friend. Ta!



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