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Over on the LJ comm FST the month's theme is requests. Woohoo! And bookworm_e wanted something for Zack Fair. *vbg* Seeing as I've had a playlist for myself with music that made me think of Crisis Core, I was well on my way. So I ended up doing two mixes, one for Zack "solo" and the other to cover relationship possibilities. (Interestingly I found most of the "relationship songs" worked best with Angeal. ^_~)

So I don't have to repost details, I'm linking to my LJ posts. Don't worry, they're unlocked and accessable to all. Feel free to comment here with feedback, thanks, or suggestions - whatever! =3 Eventually I'd like to work on other characters (I have a good bit of a SOLDIER mix started, actually.)

Disk 1: Don't Stop Me Now - Zack Fair
Disk 2: Not Goodbye - Zack Fair & Co

(and is anyone else still a little offput by Zack's last name? Well, actually I think Genesis' last name is hilarious... don't know why. U_U)


Feb. 17th, 2009 11:14 pm
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So I was totally supposed to have WAY more done on at least one of my papers tonight... Didn't happen so far - ended up talking for ages about gender/race/sexuality with coworkers/friends then ended up with another hour finding out about coworker's engagement and swapping strange stories about a mutual acquaintance in a sketchy relationship; then got back to the room and delighted in taking bunches of photos. Forty minutes to finish up the last of Silent Hill: Origins. Now - posting. =p Yeah. Whatevs, gotta work more after this.


It's true, it's true, Zack is HERE. Obviously Zack delighted in finding Aerith again - and no bulky boxes in the way this time!

Album with all pictures here! (Note: not all pics included in this post)


Feb. 17th, 2009 04:38 pm
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OMG!!! My friend called me up to give me a surprise! AND GUESS WHAT?! I HAVE ZACK! *squees*

Totally sitting with friends/classmates to rewatch Invasion of the Body Snatchers for class and Zack, fully assembled with the Bust Sword on his back, is leaning on my lap. LOL. I'm debating how insane I'll look tonight if I bring him with me to the Writing Center for work. =p

Haha! Anyway, SO HAPPY. I'll get pics up soon, promise. *g*
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Title: Oblivious
Characters: Angeal, Zack (Hojo, Kunsel, Cloud)
Rating: All
Words: 100 for prompt "secrets" on [community profile] ffvii_100 Title: Oblivious Characters: Angeal, Zack (Hojo, Kunsel, Cloud) Team: SOLDIER Rating: All Words: 100

Angeal sometimes worried about Zack’s enthusiasm getting in the way of comprehension.

Point: Zack loved showing off, and Hojo’s muttered comments caused little more than a few minutes of confusion.

Point: Zack liked socializing. But Angeal knew Kunsel shared secrets with Zack he would never imagine sharing with anyone else.

Point: Zack enjoyed public functions. A blond cadet appeared in the shadows to watch him with a star-struck gaze whenever possible, but Zack never saw him.

“Someday you’re going to find you’ve misjudged,” Angeal warned.

“I see the best in people!” Zack defended.

Angeal thought, Or you miss it completely.

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Title: Love Him Less
Clarity Scifiroots
Characters: Zack, Sephiroth; gen
Rating: All
for [community profile] ffvii_100 prompt "touch"
Notes: Started replaying Crisis Core last night. And I really want the new Zack Play Arts figure. Someone get it for me?

“I’ve never understood the whole Genesis craze.” Zack waved his phone in front of Sephiroth’s face. “I mean, I signed up for fanclub letters and everything. But I still don’t get it!”

Holding back an eye-roll, Sephiroth sighed and pushed aside Zack’s arm. “Why does it matter?” As much as people thought that Sephiroth and Genesis were friends, their relationship had been little more than an understood animosity. Both tolerated the other for Angeal’s sake.

“What about my fanclub? I know I’m not as cool as you or Angeal – but Genesis?”

“He is rather touched in the head,” Sephiroth muttered.

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Title: No So Different
By Clarity Scifiroots
Disclaimers apply!
Written for [community profile] ffvii_100 prompt 60: bad habit

A little break for me in the midst of the fairytale writing. =)



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