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It's true! I sent a digital copy and handed over a hard copy of my final paper today at noon. My hands are free! In fact, I've recycled all handouts from this terms' classes. Some minor packing has begun, but mostly I'm just tired and have been lazing back, almost dozing but yet caught up in fanfic reading. =p

Speaking of which, I've fallen hard and fast for Jack Carter/Nathan Stark of Eureka. And [community profile] marshal_science  (on LJ and DW) has nicely hooked me up with a good amount of reading material. Yes, I'm linkin' em below.

Phases 1-5, or Experimentation, A.I. Style (Adults Only) S.A.R.A.H. is fabulous *g* The tension between Nathan Stark and Sheriff Carter could be considered Unresolved Sexual Tension in the right light and from her research there is a very fine line between either Love and Apathy or Love and Hate. The internet is unsure of itself in this regard, although a group calling itself 'Harry/Draco Shippers' seems to be quite certain that the fine line is between Love and Hate.

Normality at its Finest (All) by black_eyedgirl. The next few fics are hers and were what started me on this kick a couple days ago. See, I love her Firefly tale "None so Blind"... This ficlet is adorable. First kiss. And so frigging in-character

Should Something Strange Begin (Teen) He wasn’t a ‘people person’, or any of the words Allison used when she really meant ‘tolerant of other people’s stupidity’. Hee. I really like the grasp black_eyedgirl has on these characters.

Misconceptions (Teen) Oh Jack, you're so misunderstood. Yeah, whatever, you're adorable. Jack turned around, and nearly knocked Nathan Stark to the ground. Nathan seemed to have rejected the palette of coloured shirts in his wardrobe for an all-black look. It was a little evil-genuisy, but it worked for him.

The Perils of Joint Tenancy (Teen/Mature) by black_eyedgirl. The first fic I read and loved. Great grasp on the potentials of two minds in one, er, mind. Brilliant and fun. Personally, Nathan suspected that Carter increased the likelihood of equipment malfunction just by being in the room.

VRU-401 (Mature-ish) Oh-so-Stark. I just love this, such a great grasp on Nathan. =p “You dream about world domination?”
“Not all the time.”

Conceptual Misconceptions (Teen) Oh the "pheromones gone wild" tactic *sniggers* it works so well for this series. I like how the guys complicate things. Silly men.

The Bet (All) by serene_quill I'm working my way through all the stuff by this author. This piece is probably my favorite of hers thus far, though. We see the development of canon and Nathan/Jack through the betting book at Cafe Diem and it's wonderful. I love the insight into all of the characters here, creating a nice mix of familiars. =)

Latern for the Lost (Adults Only) by serene_quill. Prologue, 8 chapters, + epilogue. This I just finished up reading and quite enjoyed it. I'd kind of forgotten that I'd seen the episode "I Do Over" since I've missed a lot of episodes of second and third season. This goes AU from that ep. Anyway, the author's does a nice job of summarizes what lies within: "He’s displaced in time and it just figures that the only person he can even slightly reach doesn’t have anything resembling the knowledge to help him." Hot sex, good characterization overall, and interesting antics.

Okay, now I just need [personal profile] phiremangston  to give me that rec list she promised... *glares pointedly*

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