Feb. 26th, 2009

scifiroots: (FF7 OT4)
Woohoo! I heart Crisis Core like w0ah. *g* Of course this means that I'm wasting hours on it instead of, y'know, homework? 9_9;;

Although I am using the trick, now, of doing the 100-sea worm mission with an equipped counterattack to aim for leveling up Zack and/or my materia. Nice~. Means I can do some multi-tasking. I'm at level 71 now, whee! And I finished the Yuffie missions (aww, she's so adorable) and have a bunch of materia I never spent time to acquire on my first run through (like, er, electrocute, various punch materia... flare, summons DMW materia). *bounces* Also seeing a couple new memories to help complete my DMW sequences. Sweet~!

Anywho, class starts soon so I have to fly. I'm still debating whether I'll go to a reading tonight - it's the food that's attractive, actually. lol. But I've got King Kong to watch and write about tonight. Need to post and comment on a clip for my sexuality class too about heteronormativity in a children's show. =3 Hee.




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