Feb. 17th, 2009 11:14 pm
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So I was totally supposed to have WAY more done on at least one of my papers tonight... Didn't happen so far - ended up talking for ages about gender/race/sexuality with coworkers/friends then ended up with another hour finding out about coworker's engagement and swapping strange stories about a mutual acquaintance in a sketchy relationship; then got back to the room and delighted in taking bunches of photos. Forty minutes to finish up the last of Silent Hill: Origins. Now - posting. =p Yeah. Whatevs, gotta work more after this.


It's true, it's true, Zack is HERE. Obviously Zack delighted in finding Aerith again - and no bulky boxes in the way this time!

The couple declined to allow the photographer to capture a kiss.

After accompanying the photographer to work, greeting his friend and Aerith (see all photos in album), he had something to take care of.

It became quite clear that Sephiroth was still something of a Sephisicle...

Zack also noted that Cloud was acting a little odd around Sephiroth. (Aerith informed him that Cloud had gone kinda quiet since Seph arrived in December.) Thus our hero Zack dove into action!

Zack: C'mon, Seph! Just talk to him!
Seph: ... I hate you.
Cloud: .... {is emo}

Zack: Seriously, man! Go on!
Sephiroth: {continues to resist}
Cloud: {still emo}

Zack: Spike, look who's here.
Cloud: .... O_O
Sephiroth: Hmph. {manages to control a pout}
Zack: Aw, c'mon you guys! You'd totally be a kickass couple!
{Cloud and Sephiroth stare at Zack}
Zack: {sighs} I've got my work cut out for me.

lolz. =D

Lastly wanted to share current freetime project... I've got to get magnets to attach to the back (though I have ideas for making these into necklace pendants as well) but here's the few Final Fantasy (VIII)-themed "bubble" charms:

Album with all pictures here! (Note: not all pics included in this post)



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